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A1. Spend analysis

The Spend analysis dashboard provides insights into expense-related metrics and spending patterns within the organization.

All expense amounts are expressed in Group Currency and the leading date is the settlement date.


  • Total spend: Shows the total amount of expenses incurred over a specific time period in Group currency.

  • Average Spend per User: Measures the average amount of expenses in group currency incurred by each user within the organization.

  • Number of Expense Reports: Measures the volume of expense reports submitted by users.

  • Average Spend per Report: Measures the average amount spent per expense report submitted.


  • Regional Spend Overview: Provides geographic insights into spending patterns and highlights company locations with significant expense amounts.

  • Spend By Continent: Visualizes spending patterns across different regions.

  • Spend Analysis Trends: Analyzes monthly expense trends, expense comparisons, top expense categories, employees, cost centers, companies, and company countries.


  • Users can drill down on various charts and reports to access more detailed information, such as expense reports and spend by company location, country entity spend, merchants, and more.


  • The dashboard enables users to monitor and analyze expense-related data, identify spending patterns, detect outliers, and explore cost-saving opportunities. It helps track expense trends over time and provides insights into different aspects of expenses within the organization.

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