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A3. Merchant spend

The "Merchant Spend" dashboard provides insights into spending patterns and trends related to different merchants.

Note: All expense amounts are expressed in Group Currency, and the leading date is the settlement date.


  • Top Merchants by Spend: Displays the top 10 merchants ranked based on total spend.

  • Top Merchant Spend Trend: Shows spending trends over time for the top 10 merchants.


  • Spend Insights: This section provides visual representations of the highest-spending merchants and their spending trends over time, allowing users to identify significant contributors to overall expenses and track historical spending patterns.

  • Spend Patterns by Category: this section breaks down merchant usage and user spending behavior within specific expense categories, offering insights into merchant associations with categories and highlighting the contribution of each user to spending with top merchants.

Drill down:

  • Drill-down capabilities enable users to delve deeper into the data by accessing detailed reports, such as merchant usage spend details and user spend details by merchant category. This allows for a more granular analysis of merchant relationships, user spending behavior, and merchant category preferences.


  • The dashboard allows users to understand the distribution of expenses across merchants, identify top spending merchants, analyze spending trends over time, and explore spending patterns within specific expense categories.

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