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A4. Private spend

The Private Spend dashboard focuses on analyzing and tracking personal expenses incurred by users within the organization. It provides insights into private spending patterns, top users with private expenses, and the distribution of spending across different categories, countries, and merchants.

All expense amounts are expressed in Group Currency. The leading date is the transaction date.


  • Private Spend: Total amount of expenses classified as "private".

  • Number of Private Transactions: Count of transactions classified as "private".

  • Number of Users with Private Expenses: Count of users who have incurred private expenses.


  • Private spend: This dashboard focuses on analyzing expenses classified as "private," including the total amount of private spend, the number of private transactions, and the count of users with private expenses.

  • Private expense categories: This section provides insights into individual users' private spending patterns, the top expense categories contributing to private spending, the distribution of private spending across countries, and the distribution of private spend across different merchants.

Drill down capabilities:

  • Users can drill down into the private expense details per user, company, cost centers, spend location, expense category, and merchant to get a comprehensive overview of private expenses within the organization.


  • The purpose of this dashboard is to track and analyze private spending, identify users with significant private expenses, understand the distribution of spending across expense categories, countries, and merchants, and make informed decisions regarding policy compliance, budgeting, and expense management.

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