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Dashboards overview

The dashboards collectively provide a comprehensive view of your organization's spending, patterns, control status, and approval processes. By leveraging the insights derived from these reports, you can make data-driven decisions, optimize spending, improve control efficiency, and ensure compliance with expense policies.

The spend dashboards

  • Spend Analysis provides a comprehensive analysis of your organization's spending. It helps you understand where your money is being allocated, identify trends and patterns in spending, and make informed decisions regarding budgeting and cost optimization.

  • Spend Patterns focuses on analyzing the patterns and trends in your spending data. It allows you to identify spending trends over time, analyze category-specific spending patterns, and gain insights into factors influencing your organization's spending behavior.

  • Merchant Spend provides insights into your organization's spending patterns based on different merchants or vendors. It helps you understand which merchants contribute the most to your overall expenses, track expenses across merchant categories, and identify potential areas for cost management or negotiation.

  • Private Spend focuses on analyzing and tracking expenses classified as "private." It allows you to monitor personal expenses incurred by employees, identify patterns in private spending, and enforce expense policies and compliance.

The process control dashboards

  • Controlling Overview provides a high-level overview of the control status of expense reports. It helps you track the progress of expense reports through different stages, such as approval and control, and gain insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of your control processes.

  • Controlling Cycle Times focuses on analyzing the time it takes for expense reports to move through various stages of control. It helps you identify bottlenecks, delays, or inefficiencies in the control process, enabling you to optimize workflow and improve overall cycle times.

  • Approval Overview provides insights into the approval status of expense reports. It helps you monitor the progress of reports through different approval stages and track the number of pending approvals.

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