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Explore from here

The "Explore from Here" feature enables users to start a new analysis or exploration based on a selected data point within a dashboard, insight, or report. By using this dedicated option, users can initiate the exploration process from a specific data element and access related insights, attributes, metrics, or other relevant data.

Dive into Trend per month by starting Explore from here

The option starts this ad-hoc analysis in the Analyze tab prefilled with the current chart and applied filters. Here, users will be able to

  • customize and configure the chart format, for example the tabular chart (top left) to find details

  • add extra attributes to provide more context, remove unneeded or re-arrange the data attributes, metrics and facts composing the chart

  • change the aggregation level or format of facts

  • change the filters to dive into a specific data point, add a comparison based on the date, or limit the results to a number of top or bottom results

Trend by month is opened and the dashboards filters are applied.

The new insights can be given a name and can be stored, where it can be shared on a dashboard.

The new insight ready to be shared

Find out more about sharing here, creating dashboards here.

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