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Navigating the interface

This section of the product documentation provides a comprehensive guide on navigating the Insights interface. It covers various aspects, including dashboards, analysis, data exploration, and management functionalities.

  • Explore pre-built dashboards that provide visualizations to gain insights on spend and process performance. Find detailed descriptions on these dashboards here.

  • Create new dashboards using the platform's intuitive interface and leverage dashboard functionality such as drilling down into specific data points, scheduling automated reports, and exporting dashboard content (PDF, excel, csv).

Utilize the Analyze tab to perform self-service analysis on your data.

  • Explore and customize existing insights to gain a deeper understanding of your data and understand how they are built.

  • Create new insights by leveraging the available metrics, attributes and facts in the datasets of the data model.

  • Export insights in various formats (Excel, comma separated) to share them with stakeholders or incorporate them into your reports or presentations.

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