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Sharing dashboards

This section describes the collaboration features available in Insights.

You and your team members will have shared access to the Insights platform. This means you can collaborate with colleagues, stakeholders, and decision-makers within your organization.

To create and share your own dashboard in Insights, follow these steps:

  1. Create a New Dashboard: Click on the "+" button on the dashboards page to create a new blank dashboard.

  2. Add Visualizations: Customize your dashboard by adding various visualizations such as charts, tables, or graphs. Configure them with the desired metrics, attributes, and filters to display the relevant data.

  3. Customize Insights: You can also add existing insights from the library or create new insights specific to your needs. Edit the insights to display the desired data and customize them based on your requirements.

  4. Share with Others: Once your dashboard is ready, you can share it with others in your organization. Set the appropriate permissions to control who can access and collaborate on the dashboard. Collaborators will be able to view, interact with, and explore the shared dashboard.

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