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How to log into the SpendCatcher app (v 4.4.0 and above)


Entering user’s credentials

Step 1: Enter your login details

Enter email or username

To log into the application, please first enter the email or username linked to your account.

If the username/email you entered is wrong, you will be notified on the screen.

Enter your password

Enter your password to log in to the app.

If you enter the wrong password, you will be notified in order to correct it.

You will be able to view the password you entering in the field by enabling the “show password” icon.

Choose between SSO or Username

If your company supports Single Sign-On (SSO) connections on top of regular login, you will have the choice between continuing the login process with your company’s SSO platform or enter a password.

Please note that if your company ONLY supports SSO, you will be directly redirected to the SSO provider.

Inversely, if your company doesn’t have SSO login, you will be directly redirected to the password view.

Pin code and Biometric options

From now on, once logged in, you will no longer have to enter your username and password to connect to the application. Instead, you can simply enter a pin code or use the biometric options.

Step 2: Set up your pin code

At first login, you will be asked to set up your four digits pin code and confirm it.

In case you entered the wrong pin code at the confirmation step, the app will let you know and you will have to enter it again.

How to change your pin code

If you desire, you will be able to change your pin code through the settings of the app.

Just go to the settings and select “change pin code”. Follow the steps to enter a new pin code.

I forgot my pin code.

If you forgot your pin code, you will be asked to sign in again in order to reset the pin code and create a new one.

Just select “Forgot pin” then “Sign in again” and follow the first steps all over again.

Step 3: Activate the biometrics

If your device is compatible with biometric authentication options (fingerprint ID, Face ID), you can use these options to log into SpendCatcher.

Please note that biometric authentication depends only on if your device supports it. Also, it's a device authentication option meaning to change your fingerprint or update your face ID or any other setting for the biometric, you need to go to your device options.

How to activate/deactivate the biometrics

When you log in the first time, right after setting up your pin code, you will be offered to activate the biometric authentication. You can activate right away or skip the step to activate later.

If you want to deactivate or activate the biometric afterward, just do it through the settings of the app.

Step 4: Disconnect from the app

If you want to fully log out/disconnect the app from the device and change user. You need to go to the settings of the app.

There, you will have an option to disconnect the app.

Disconnecting your account will require a new authentication with username or email and password or SSO (is supported by your organization). You will also need to set up a new PIN code.

I forgot my password

If you forgot your password, it is very simple. Just select the “forgot password” option, enter the email address or username linked to your account and a recovery email will be sent to you.

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