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Getting started with Mobilexpense on the web

On this page, we provide you with a first introduction to the Mobilexpense web application as a end-user..
You will find below a selection of articles on how to login, create an expense, split an expense, create a mileage or an allowance claim. The list below is not a comprehensive list, you’ll find many more “How to” articles with additional information, in our user guides.

How to create an expense

In this first article, we’ll look at the core process of creating an expense, with our web application.

How to create an expense report

After creating expenses, the next logical step most users will need to take will be to put these into a report and submit that expense report for approval. Check out the video hereby to see how this is typically meant to happen.

How to create an allowance claim

An allowance, also known as “per diem” is an amount of money employees are entitled to receive when going on business trips. In this article, we explain how an employee at your organization needs to proceed to claim an allowance with our web application.

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