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I received a password reset e-mail that I did not request

You may initiate a request to reset your password from the login screen available to all on the website, through the SpendCatcher application, or via the user management section on Mobilexpense if you are an administrator.

Receiving one or several emails to reset your password does not suggest a compromise in security. Instead, it assures you that our protective measures are functioning correctly.

Anyone who knows your email address or username can ask for a password reset since the Mobilexpense login page is open to everyone. The only information Mobilexpense can share is when the reset request was made and when the email was dispatched.

Echoing the sentiments of tech giants like Google and Facebook: should you not have solicited a password reset, feel free to disregard the email.

It is prudent to remain vigilant about any suspicious emails you receive. To compromise your account, an attacker would need to gain access to your email as well.

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