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What is a cost center?

In travel expense management, a cost center is a specific department or unit within an organization to which travel expenses are assigned. It helps track, manage, and report on travel costs for budgeting and accountability purposes.

Key Points:

  • Expense Allocation: Assigns travel expenses to specific departments or units.

  • Budget Management: Helps control and monitor travel-related costs.

  • Accountability: Ensures departments are responsible for their travel spending.

  • Reporting: Facilitates detailed financial analysis and reporting.


Travel expenses for a Marketing department trip are allocated to the Marketing cost center, enabling clear tracking and budget control.


A cost center is a financial tracking unit for allocating and managing travel expenses within an organization, ensuring accurate budgeting and accountability.

If you want to learn more or need change your current cost center in the Mobilexpense app, we recommend reaching out to your Company’s Mobilexpense Administrator. 🙂

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