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What is a datafeed?

A datafeed in travel expense management is an automated stream of data from sources like corporate credit cards and travel booking systems into the expense management software. It includes transaction details and booking information, helping streamline expense tracking and management.

Key Points:

  1. Purpose: Automates the collection and integration of travel-related expense data.

  2. Sources: Corporate credit cards, travel booking systems, and other financial systems.

  3. Content: Transaction details and booking information.

  4. Integration: Automates data entry into the expense management software.

  5. Usage: Real-time tracking, reconciliation of corporate credit card statements, and policy compliance checks.


When an employee uses a corporate credit card to book a flight, transaction details are automatically sent via datafeed to the expense management system, streamlining expense tracking and reimbursement.


  • Efficiency: Reduces manual data entry.

  • Accuracy: Minimizes errors by automating data transfer.

  • Real-Time Tracking: Provides up-to-date expense information.

  • Compliance: Ensures expenses adhere to company policies.

If you would like to take advantage of the benefits that come from having in place a datafeed, please contact your Company Administrator of Mobilexpense application within your company and kindly explore the possibility of having a datafeed implemented and configured. 🙂

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