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What is a deputy approver?

In the context of travel expense management, a deputy approver is an individual who is authorized to review and approve expense reports or travel-related expenses on behalf of another approver, typically when the primary approver is unavailable or has delegated this responsibility. This role helps ensure that the approval process continues smoothly and without delays, maintaining operational efficiency and compliance with company policies.

Key Points:

  1. Role: A deputy approver steps in to approve expense reports or travel expenses when the primary approver is not available or has delegated the task.

  2. Authorization: They are granted specific permissions to access, review, and approve expenses on behalf of the primary approver.

  3. Responsibility: The deputy approver ensures that the expenses are compliant with company policies and are necessary, reasonable, and properly documented.

  4. Continuity: Helps maintain the flow of expense approvals, avoiding delays in reimbursement and budget management.

  5. Compliance: Ensures that all expenses are scrutinized and approved according to organizational guidelines and regulatory requirements.


A manager, who usually approves travel expenses for their team, is on a two-week vacation. A designated deputy approver takes over the responsibility of reviewing and approving any expense reports submitted during this period, ensuring that employees are reimbursed in a timely manner.


  • Operational Continuity: Prevents disruptions in the expense approval process, ensuring that approvals and reimbursements continue smoothly.

  • Efficiency: Reduces the risk of delays in the approval workflow, enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Policy Adherence: Ensures consistent enforcement of travel and expense policies, even in the absence of the primary approver.

  • Accountability: Provides a clear audit trail for expense approvals, maintaining accountability and transparency.


A deputy approver in travel expense management is an authorized individual who takes over the approval duties from the primary approver to ensure the continuous, efficient, and compliant processing of travel expenses and reports.

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