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What is an approval flow?

In travel expense management, an approval flow refers to the sequence of steps or stages through which an expense report or reimbursement request passes for review and approval. This flow typically involves multiple stakeholders, such as the employee who incurred the expenses, their manager, finance department personnel, and possibly other approvers depending on the organization's hierarchy and policies.

Key Points:

  1. Purpose: To ensure that expenses are in compliance with company policies and guidelines before reimbursement.

  2. Sequence: The approval flow follows a predefined sequence, starting with the employee submitting the expense report and ending with the final approval and reimbursement.

  3. Stakeholders: Different individuals or roles are responsible for reviewing and approving expenses at various stages of the flow.

  4. Criteria: Each approver evaluates the expense report based on predetermined criteria, such as budget availability, adherence to spending limits, and the legitimacy of expenses.

  5. Communication: The approval flow often involves communication between the employee and the approvers, such as clarification requests or notifications of approval.

  6. Documentation: Approvals are typically documented within the expense management system, providing a record of the review process.


An approval flow for a travel expense might involve the employee submitting an expense report, which is then reviewed by their manager for accuracy and compliance. If approved, the report is forwarded to the finance department for final review and reimbursement processing.


  • Compliance: Ensures that expenses adhere to company policies and regulations.

  • Accuracy: Reduces the likelihood of errors or fraudulent claims by providing multiple layers of review.

  • Transparency: Provides visibility into the approval process, fostering accountability and trust.

  • Efficiency: Streamlines the reimbursement process by automating approval workflows and notifications.

Approval flows are a critical component of travel expense management, ensuring that expenses are properly reviewed and approved before reimbursement, thereby safeguarding the organization's financial resources and integrity.

If you're interested in learning more about the approval flow for expenses within your company, we suggest contacting the Company Administrator of the Mobilexpense application in your organization for further details. 🙂

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