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What is an expense policy?

From a travel expense management perspective, an expense policy is a set of rules and guidelines that define how business-related travel expenses are managed, submitted, and reimbursed. It ensures compliance with company standards and regulatory requirements, provides spending limits, and outlines procedures for reporting and approving expenses.

Key Points:

  1. Guidelines: Specifies eligible expenses like travel, accommodation, and meals.

  2. Limits: Sets reimbursement caps and rates for various expenses.

  3. Submission: Details the process for expense report submission and required documentation.

  4. Approval: Describes the workflow for reviewing and approving expenses.

  5. Compliance: Ensures adherence to company policies and legal requirements.

  6. Audit: Establishes procedures for auditing and maintaining expense records.


A company may allow up to $150 per night for hotel stays and require expense reports to be submitted within 30 days, with receipts for expenses over $25.


  • Consistency: Uniform handling of expenses across the company.

  • Cost Control: Limits and monitors travel expenses.

  • Compliance: Meets legal and policy requirements.

  • Efficiency: Streamlines reporting and approval processes.

  • Transparency: Provides clear guidelines and accountability.


An expense policy in travel expense management outlines how travel expenses are handled, ensuring consistency, compliance, and effective cost control.

If you need to learn more about or change your company's expense policy in the Mobilexpense app, we recommend reaching out to your Company’s Mobilexpense Administrator. 🙂

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