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What is an SFTP connection?

An SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) connection is a secure method used to transfer files between a client and a server over a network. In the context of travel expense management, SFTP is commonly utilized for securely transmitting sensitive financial data, such as expense reports, receipts, and accounting files, between the travel expense management system and external servers or applications.

Key Points:

  1. Security: SFTP provides a secure channel for transferring files, encrypting data during transmission to prevent unauthorized access or interception.

  2. Authentication: Users must authenticate themselves using credentials (such as username and password) to establish a connection and transfer files securely.

  3. Encryption: Data transferred via SFTP is encrypted, ensuring confidentiality and integrity during transit.

  4. Compliance: SFTP helps organizations comply with data security and privacy regulations, such as GDPR or HIPAA, by safeguarding sensitive financial information.

  5. Automation: SFTP connections can be automated to schedule regular file transfers, reducing manual effort and ensuring timely data exchange.


An employee submits an expense report through the travel expense management system. The system securely transfers the report and accompanying receipts to the company's financial server via SFTP for processing and reimbursement.


  • Data Security: Protects sensitive financial data from unauthorized access or interception.

  • Compliance: Helps meet regulatory requirements for data protection and privacy.

  • Reliability: Ensures reliable and uninterrupted file transfer operations.

  • Efficiency: Facilitates automated file transfers, saving time and effort.

In summary, an SFTP connection in travel expense management ensures the secure and efficient transfer of financial data between the expense management system and external servers or applications, safeguarding sensitive information and facilitating compliance with data security regulations.

If you want to learn more or need an SFTP connection within your company, we encourage you to contact your Company's Mobilexpense Administrator. 🙂

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