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What is sampling?

In the context of travel expense management, sampling refers to the process of reviewing a subset of expense reports or transactions rather than examining every single one. This method is used to audit and monitor compliance with company policies, detect potential fraud, and assess the accuracy and integrity of travel expense reporting.

Key Points:

  1. Purpose: Sampling helps identify trends, errors, and anomalies in travel expense reports without needing to review every transaction.

  2. Efficiency: Saves time and resources by focusing on a representative subset of data, rather than a comprehensive review.

  3. Compliance Check: Ensures that travel expenses adhere to company policies and regulatory requirements through a targeted review.

  4. Fraud Detection: Helps detect and prevent fraudulent activities by highlighting unusual or suspicious expense patterns.

  5. Statistical Basis: Typically, sampling is based on statistical methods to ensure that the subset is representative of the entire dataset.


A company conducts a quarterly audit of travel expenses. Instead of reviewing all expense reports, they select a random sample of 10% of the reports to check for policy compliance and accuracy. This sampling helps them efficiently identify any issues without examining every report.


  • Resource Efficiency: Reduces the time and effort required for audits while maintaining oversight of travel expenses.

  • Cost-Effective: Minimizes the cost of auditing by focusing on a manageable subset of data.

  • Focus on Risk Areas: Allows for targeted scrutiny of areas with higher risk or potential issues.

  • Continuous Improvement: Provides insights into common errors or policy violations, helping to improve future travel expense processes and controls.

In summary, sampling in travel expense management is a cost-effective method for auditing and monitoring travel expenses by examining a representative subset of transactions. This approach helps ensure compliance, detect fraud, and maintain the accuracy and integrity of expense reporting without the need for a full-scale review.

If you want to learn more or need a sampling configuration within your company, we encourage you to contact your Company's Mobilexpense Administrator. 🙂

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