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What is SSO?

SSO (Single Sign-On) refers to an authentication process that allows users to access multiple applications and services with one set of login credentials. This streamlines user access to travel expense management systems, enhancing security and convenience.

Key Points:

  1. Purpose: Simplifies access to multiple applications with one login.

  2. Process: Users log in once to gain access to all integrated systems without needing to re-enter credentials.

  3. Security: Enhances security by reducing the number of passwords users must remember and manage.

  4. Efficiency: Increases efficiency by reducing login times and password-related issues.

  5. Integration: Often integrated with corporate directories (like Active Directory) to manage user access centrally.


An employee logs into the company's SSO portal and gains access to the travel expense management system, email, and other business applications without needing to log in separately for each.


  • Convenience: One login for multiple applications reduces hassle for users.

  • Security: Reduces the risk of weak passwords and phishing attacks.

  • Productivity: Saves time by eliminating the need to log in multiple times.

  • Management: Easier to manage user access and enforce security policies.

In summary, SSO in travel expense management allows users to access multiple systems with a single set of credentials, enhancing security, efficiency, and user convenience.

If you want to take advantage of establishing an SSO connection with the Mobilexpense app, we encourage you to contact your Company's Mobilexpense Administrator. They can help you explore the benefits and requirements of this approach. 🙂

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