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Customization options and self-service

This section explains how to customize existing insights, create copies of dashboards and insights, and create new dashboards and insights. Follow the instructions below to leverage these customization options:

Customizing pre-built expense and control dashboards:

  1. Open a dashboard and create a copy by using the "Save as New" option (…).

  2. In the copied dashboard, adjust the filter settings to fit your specific data analysis needs. When you save them these filter settings will be stored.

  3. Add your own metrics as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or charts (insights) to the dashboard.

  4. Customize existing insights by editing them. While in edit mode of the dashboard, locate the insight on the dashboard, click "Edit," make the desired changes, and click "Save." When you save the changes made to the insight will be reflected on the dashboard because you are the creator of the dashboard. It will not change the pre-built insight.

Creating new dashboards:

  1. On the dashboards page, use the "+" button to create a new dashboard.

  2. The new dashboard will be blank, providing you with the flexibility to add filters, metrics as KPIs, and charts.

  3. You can include existing insights on the new dashboard or create new insights to showcase the desired data analysis.

Analyze - the self service capability

With the analyze capability in Insights, you can dive deeper into your expense data and perform ad-hoc analysis. This collaborative feature enables you and your team to explore data, apply filters, drill down into specific details, and customize views to gain actionable insights.

Customizing pre-built insights:

  1. Open any pre-built insight from the Analyze tab.

  2. To customize an existing insight, you have the option to "Save as New."

  3. By saving as new, a copy of the insight will be created, stored as a new insight that can be used on a dashboard.

Creating new insights:

  1. Open the Analyze tab and create a new insight from scratch!

  2. Use the data catalog to add metrics or metrics, attributes, dates and the chart types to build a new insight based on your data analysis requirements. Choose the appropriate color scheme

  3. Saving the insight, now it can be used on a dashboard and becomes available to all users.

By utilizing these customization options, you can tailor pre-built dashboards and insights to suit your specific needs. Whether it involves adjusting filter settings, adding custom metrics, modifying existing insights, or creating new ones, Insights offers flexibility and customization capabilities to empower effective data analysis and visualization.

The customized and new insights will be shared with all colleagues within the group.

The customized and new dashboards will be stored in a private section, find out more on how to share them with colleagues here.

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