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How to create an expense report

To create an expense report, you must first select the expenses you’d like to include in the report:

  1. To do this, go to the Expenses tab, and select the My Transactions menu option.

  2. Select the transactions you’d like to include in your report, and then click on the “Create Expense report“ button in the top right corner.

  1. If you had already created a report and were considering adding some more expenses to it, you could also click on “Add to Existing Report“ and select the report from the dropdown.

  1. A popup will appear, asking you to name your new report, and eventually to link it to an existing Travel Request. Hit the Save button.

  1. Your report is created, ready for review. You’ll see first a summary of the report, followed by a list of all the included transactions.

  1. If you wish, you may click on the Add a new Expense dropdown to add more transactions to your report.

  1. If you’d like to remove one or multiple transactions, simply select the transactions you’d like to remove and hit the Remove button.

  1. After reviewing or editing your report, you may:

  • Close

  • Cancel expense report

  • Edit, to link it to a Travel Request

  • Cross-charge (see below more details)

  • Print,

  • Submit

  • Save it as a draft

The Cross charge option will open a popup, in which you can allocate and spread the costs of your expense report across multiple cost-centers and/or projects.

To allocate a part of the cost to a specific cost center, simply select the cost center from the drop-down, define the percentage of the report’s total amount that needs to be allocated to that CC, and hit the + button.

In the example hereby, we’ve allocated 30% of the costs to “Department B“ cost center and the remaining 70% to “Main“ cost center.

Once 100% of the costs have been allocated, hit the Confirm button to save your changes and move forward !


Once you’re done with all changes, hit the Submit button, confirm, and your new report will be submitted for approval, and added to your Reports list.


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