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How to split expenses

A transaction can be split / itemized into different items (like hotel expenses). Here are a few details to help you understand the process.

1. You can split certain expenses…

a. In the transaction list

When you hover over the blue button at the end of a transaction line, if it is a transaction type that allows itemization, you will have access to the split option. It is also possible for you to split a transaction by clicking on the category in the line of the expense and then clicking on “Split” in the popup.


b. In the transaction details

You also have access to the “split” option through the “Edit transaction details” page. The split buttons are in the top right menu and in the bottom right footer.


2. The split “popup” is used to divide your transaction into separate items

Once you clicked on “Split”, a pop-up appears. In this pop-up, you can divide your transaction into multiple items. Simply list the items’ category as well as their amount and date. The system will make sure that the sum of all the items’ amount always equals the amount of the main transaction.

The items can be marked individually as “private” or “business” related. You can cross-charge individual item to different cost centers or tasks if that feature is enabled for your company.

Once you are done, simply click save.


3. View your split items in the transaction list

To view the items in a split transaction, simply (un)fold the “Split...” transaction line by clicking on the arrow at the left side of the line. This will show you the items of the split transaction as well as more details about the transaction itself.


4. Edit your split items

If you wish to edit your split items, simply click on the items lines in the transaction list (or edit button). All the items of your split transaction will be listed on the top of your screen.


The form that is displayed contains the information relative to the selected item (blue line and arrow at the front of the line).

In the items form, some fields will be read-only as some information comes from the main transaction and can’t be changed.

Once you are satisfied with the changed made to an item, click on the “Save” button (in the top bar or the footer).


5. Unsplit a transaction

At any time, you may choose to “unsplit” a transaction and bring it back to its original state (revert the itemization). If your transaction has already been controlled or approved, this might require new controlling/approving.

To do that, simply click on the footer button: “Unsplit”.

Please note that the “unsplit” action is irreversible, which means that if you change your mind, you will need to itemize your transaction item by item from scratch again.


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