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How to approve an expense report

When an expense report has been submitted for your approval, as you log in MobileXpense you’ll see a little popup informing you, as well as a little red badge in the top navigation, next to the Approval tab. Click on View your pending approvals

… And you’ll be taken to the Pending Approvals section, where you’ll see a list of all the expense reports waiting for your approval. Click on the report you’d like to review.

When reviewing a report, you may add a comment, and reject one or multiple transactions by unchecking them from the Transaction List. Once you complete your review by pressing the Submit button, the transactions that are checked will be approved and the unchecked ones will be rejected.

Depending on your setup, a notification will typically then be sent to the employee, and the expense report will move forward in the workflow, either to control or settlement.

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