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How to create a mileage claim

  1. First, select the Expenses tab, and then either click on "New mileage" in the sidebar navigation, or on the "Add Mileage" button in the dashboard.

  2. Then start by entering the main details. Enter here all the mandatory information (marked in blue) necessary in order to start the mileage process. The vehicle(s) and mileage rate(s) linked to your account can be selected through dropdown list.

  1. Based on your setup, the fields you need to fill could be different from what you see in this screenshot, and your setup may or may not let you attach a supporting document to your claim, either by clicking on “Select files” or drag and dropping a file directly on the page.

  2. Complete the start and end point of your itinerary. On the right side of of each location, there is a star icon which allows to add an address to your favorites in order to facilitate the process in the future.

  1. If you wish to add a step to your trip you can do it by simply clicking on the “Add a new point” button.

  2. The “Return” button allows you to create a return journey in one click.

  3. Clicking on “Save itinerary“ will save the itinerary in the “Saved itineraries“ tab above, so you can re-use it later.

  4. Toggle the commuting option to indicate whether commuting has to be taken into account in the calculation of the amount you can claim.

  5. And then, once all the information is in the system click on the “Calculate Mileage” button. The calculation of the amount you can claim will then be displayed.

  6. Finally, click on either:

    • Cancel - cancel the entire mileage expense

    • Clear - remove all the details added so far to start over

    • Save - save the mileage expense

    • Save & Create similar mileage - save the current expense mileage and create a new one with the exact same information.

    • Save expense & next - save the current expense mileage and create a new one with no information.


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