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What is a mileage claim?

A mileage claim in travel expense management is a request for reimbursement by employees who use their personal vehicles for business travel. The claim is based on the distance traveled and a predefined reimbursement rate per mile or kilometer.

Key Points:

  1. Purpose: Compensates employees for business-related vehicle use.

  2. Rate Calculation: Based on a set rate per mile/kilometer, covering costs like fuel and maintenance.

  3. Documentation: Requires details such as travel dates, destinations, trip purposes, and total distance.

  4. Submission: Entered via expense reports, often using expense management software with GPS tracking.

  5. Approval: Reviewed by supervisors for compliance with company policies.

  6. Reimbursement: Paid out after approval based on the calculated mileage.


If an employee drives 100 miles at a $0.50/mile rate, they claim $50.

Mileage claims streamline reimbursement for business travel, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

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