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What is a travel claim?

From a travel expense management perspective, a travel claim/request is a formal submission made by an employee to their company's administration or relevant department to seek approval for upcoming business-related travel. This request typically includes details such as the purpose of the trip, dates of travel, destination, estimated costs, and any other relevant information required by the company's travel policies.

Key Points:

  1. Purpose: To obtain approval for business travel before incurring any expenses.

  2. Details: Includes information about the purpose of the trip, dates, destination, mode of transportation, accommodation requirements, and estimated expenses.

  3. Policy Compliance: Travel requests must adhere to the company's travel policies and guidelines.

  4. Approval Process: Requests are typically reviewed and approved by supervisors, managers, or designated personnel responsible for overseeing travel expenditures.

  5. Budgeting: Helps in budgeting and planning for travel expenses by providing advance notice of upcoming trips.

  6. Record Keeping: Acts as a record of approved travel plans for both the employee and the company.


An employee submits a travel request to attend a client meeting in another city. The request includes details such as the meeting agenda, travel dates, flight details, hotel accommodation preferences, estimated transportation costs, and any other relevant information required by company policies.


  • Control: Ensures that travel expenses are authorized before they are incurred.

  • Compliance: Helps ensure that travel plans align with company policies and budgets.

  • Transparency: Provides visibility into upcoming travel activities for planning and coordination.

  • Cost Management: Allows companies to budget and allocate resources effectively for business travel.

In essence, a travel request serves as the initial step in the travel expense management process, helping to facilitate the planning, authorization, and control of business-related travel expenses within an organization.

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