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How to create an allowance claim

First, select the Expenses tab, and then either click on "New allowances" in the sidebar navigation, or on the "Daily Allowance" button in the dashboard.


The features and design of the allowance module vary based on the country they are used for in order to facilitate the legally compliant requirements of each country, therefore the screens may look different and have different calculations and options.

  1. Start by entering the start and end dates and hours of your trip, as well the destination, in the Search in Maps input field.

  2. Then, use the icon buttons, as per the screenshot above, to indicate which meals need to be excluded from your allowance, and if lodging needs to be included.

  3. In the example below, the user indicated that breakfast had to be excluded (because it was offered by a third party for example), and that lodging had to be included.

  4. Once all the mandatory fields are completed, the Calculate Allowance button becomes active and you can trigger the calculation of your Allowance ! Once calculated, the view will refresh, and you’ll see the details of your allowance claim, split by day. This can be observed in the previous screenshot as well.

  5. If you wish, you can change the details of any given day. If you do change anything, make sure you hit the spinning arrow button at the bottom to update the total amount.

  6. By clicking on the Summary button at the bottom of your trip details, you’ll be shown a popup with all the details of the amounts that have been included.

  7. Last but not least, you can allocate the costs of your claim to a cost center and project of your choice, and then hit the Save button to record your allowance claim by either:

    • Simply save the expense by clicking on the Save button. Note that saving an expense doesn't automatically submit it for you. Once you have saved an expense, you will need to insert it into an expense report, and submit that report.

    • Save the expense & go to my transactions, hence be redirected to the main page of the section 2 of the Dashboard, where all the open and draft transactions can be found.

    • Last but not least, save the expense and create a similar expense directly. To do this, click on the arrow next to the Save button and select this option. This is particularly useful and will make your life a lot easier whenever you made the same expense on different dates for example! 


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